Is Support based in the USA?


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I need an honest answer. I have heard great things about Known Host. I plan on moving about 5 VPS's to start from another company that goes down a lot. If all goes well I would hope to move a lot more of my VPS's in the future.

However, one concern that a friend of mine told me is that she was pretty sure that support was outsourced (at least when she was a customer). Don't know if it was handled by another company but she said she was almost positive almost all tech support is handled by people outside the USA, however they use american names. I never heard complaints about Known Host tech support which is great except that there's a lot of broken english responses which can be hard at times to understand...

So that's my support (some or all) actually based outside the USA? If it is, I'd appreciate a detailed response as to how there is any accountability. i.e. do you guys fly out to the countries where you hire to interview and checkup? I know personally that dealing with folks overseas poses a big problem if there's no human contact. Enforcing US laws on citizens of other countries is also problematic.

So the bottom line is again, is support based outside the USA and if so, what steps are in place to ensure that support is reliable and responsible?

Honestly, the thought of having to give my passwords/server access to folks outside the USA is a bit daunting. However, I didn't want to cross Known Host off the list as I've heard such great things about you guys.

Thank you for your time,

Hi Jack,

We do have support people working around the world. "Outsourced" usually has at least two different meanings - most common is that support team is shared with some other companies - this is not the case with us, we do not share our support people with anyone else. Another meaning is "working outside of the office" - this is the case with us - we have people working from multiple places.
Upon hiring new people we do background checks and training. We do not hire people left and right and, at least, so far the way we do things haven't caused any problems and/or any "leaks". We take this seriously and do the best possible to make sure that people who work for us are careful, dependable and knowledgeable. Apparently specifics of our internal processes cannot be released outside of the company.
If you or anyone experience any problems with our support team and/or notice "broken" language (I do not recall seeing complains about this so far) please let us know so we can go back and resolve the potential problem if any. We strive to provide good level of service and support and are doing whatever is possible to meet or exceed customer's expectations. Any comments about our support team would be appreciated, anyone is welcome to either PM me or drop me an email at with a reference to a ticket that wasn't handled up to the customer expectation. All feedback is always appreciated and allows us to improve the service we provide.