Is it possible to request specific people for tickets in support?


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I was wondering if it is possible to request certain tech support folks to address support tickets when they are opened?

Sure, you can ask for anyone you want by name. Keep in mind they might not be on shift, or they might be busy with other tickets so it may cause delays for you (especially if they're not on shift). Sometimes people are off for 3-4 days at a time or more if they take vacation.
Thanks! What if someone else is working on an open ticket and I want to change who is currently working on it? If so, how do I request it without getting the current tech support person angry? :)
I wouldn't recommend swapping techs in the middle of a ticket. That causes delays for both us and you and is just inefficient. Someone who has already been working your ticket is familiar with it whereas someone you request is not.
I understand. Many times I find, that because someone has gone off shift another person takes it over and that person has a totally different approach and it can be painful. In that case how can we just respectfully request them to re-assign the ticket to someone else?

Anytime you don't feel comfortable within a ticket you are more than welcome to ask for a supervisor to review it or for a ticket escalation and we will be glad to assist you!
Yes, you may request this directly in the ticket. Please be advised if you do request escalation there may be a delay in the ticket getting reviewed but we do have senior technicians / supervisors on staff 24/7 that can review over a ticket if requested.