Is it Burst RAM meaningful? Please come in~


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Hello all
Excuse me..

My website is usually 100 people online, when in weekend will be bouble so I found this condition is about "Burst RAM".

I am using the same standard packet VPS at another VPS provider is called "<<<snipped>>"

KnownHost VPS XL min RAM: 320MB / 1 GB Burst RAM
[root@host ~]# free -m
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 320 78 241 0 0 0
-/+ buffers/cache: 78 241
Swap: 0 0 0
[root@host ~]#

<<<snipped>> min RAM: 256MB / 1 GB Burst RAM
[root@power ~]# free -m
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 1024 239 784 0 0 0
-/+ buffers/cache: 239 784
Swap: 0 0 0

Yesterday was a nightmare for me, When the memory had been used fully, the website became slow down very much, almot could not work. I didn't feel the "Burst Ram" had to work with any effect.

After I moved back to <<<snipped>>, the memory was used 470-510 MB, website ran good.

Is Knownhost's Burst RAM exist? If Yes how can I use it? Thank you! :confused:
We report guaranteed memory through /proc/meminfo and as such "free -m", WHM, etc shows guaranteed memory usage and limits.
You can see your burstable memory limit and usage either on the Resources page in the Power Panel or in the /proc/user_beancounters file inside the VPS.

If you experience service stability problems, then you may want to open a ticket to get the problem investigated. There isn't much that can be suggested based on the description provided but slowdown definitely isn't related to guaranteed memory usage, at least as long as you're not seeing QoS alerts in the Power Panel.
Lack of memory doesn't slow down services, processes will just die if they can't allocate more memory due to current usage/limits.