Is everyone else having issues getting support anymore?

Capt Teo

New Member
I have had the most miserable support lately. Got a site hacked. Asked to be upgraded to imunify360. 3 hours later - not a single response. I have called. I have left messages. I have updated the ticket. I have managed service and have never complained about the cost. It should not take half a day and a dozen calls or messages on the ticket to enable a service.
Hey Teo,

As addressed in your sales ticket, deeply apologize for the issues you've experienced with our staff and related systems.

You're absolutely right, it shouldn't take that. It's unacceptable that it happened and we are working to address those concerns.

I've addressed the staff regarding the importance of sales tickets getting replies in a timely manner, even if it's just a reply letting you know that the ticket is being reviewed, so that at least our customers know that we've acknowledge their ticket. (The exception to this being when Sales/Billing is closed after 7PM CST).
I found this article looking for solutions to my jetbackup woes. I've had a ticket open more than 5 days now. It's hard to get a reply at this time to my request for progress or resolution of this problem. My biggest concern is backups are not getting created. Support staff seem stumped. My support ticket is KH2023104G15TC if any KH staff is monitoring this I would appreciate help with this - Mike.
From what I understand, your ticket is already at the attention of supervisors and higher.

There isn't anything else I/we could share over the forum.