IRC Question


Time Lord

I was reading through your TOS and saw a mentioning of IRC scripts. What is this referring to?

I do believe that CGI IRC applets use up system resources when operating, but from what I can tell, Java clients work directly from a user to the IRC network. I could be mistaken, though.

In any case, I am wondering what the specifics were of that part of the TOS. Thanks.

Anything related to IRC in general we do not allow. All ports are closed making it simply not work. Do you require IRC?

If its simply a port issue, then I don't think that would be a problem. From my experience working with Java written IRC clients (such as PJIRC), they seem to be dependant on the user's computer. That explains why some networks at a few colleges upset me... they block the ports I need ;)

Anyways, I would probably be using IRC and would like to be able to offer it, should I choose KnownHost for a reseller account. But, given what I have experienced with IRC web applets (I prefer Java over CGI), I doubt it'd be a problem. Please let me know if you think it would, though.
Just to clarify, by offering IRC, I mean having a web applet on the website to communicate with. I do not intend to host an IRC server, IRC services, eggdrops or other bots from KnownHost.

This is not a problem with our VPS plans. So sorry for my misunderstanding. Hope it clears this up.