ipv6 really soon


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I searched everywhere, and only found a thread from like 2007 on the ipv6 implementation. There was one a while back that mentioned dc dallas was doing an ipv6 router upgrade, but nothing about known host providing those addresses.

Is there an ETA for ipv6 at known host? Plans, status, information, even just a thread on what the problems are holding up the show (e.g. a pain the ass to implement, to dang expensive, darn routers broken, whatever).

We, like the U.S. military, would like to get the kinks worked out sooner rather than later.

Also this is apart from the issues with cpanel implementations issues. Simply having the ability to do implement them on a manual level would be great.
At this time we don't do IP v6 but plan to start playing with it in the next couple of months. At this time there is no ETA for IP v6 addresses availability within our network.
I have skimmed over the technical mumbo jumbo of IPV6 and my attention span lasted about 15 seconds. :D

Can you give an example of the benefit of this technology in layman's terms?