IPV6 ping and traceroute fail for all IPs


I'm having some issues and I *think* i've traced it down to some IPv6 issues.

I've been trying to use ping and traceroute to test these issues, but can't seem to do either on any v6 addresses even though I have v6 interfaces. Should I be able to? I can ping6 my local IPV6 address, but ipv6.google.com and 2600:: are both unreachable.

I've been messing with csf and short of just turning off ipv6 in csf, I have not had any luck. I can't find anything in the messages log with the IP i'm trying to contact..

If you're on our dedicated product line you should have received a set of IPv6 addresses. We only bind the first few to your server but yes you should be able to ping/trace IPv6 addresses.

If you'll pop open a ticket we'll take a peek and see whats up for you.