Ip Swip


McDonald's Drywall Expert
So I was thinking...

Although knownhost does a good job of covering our tracks when it comes to hosting (reverse PTRs to privatesystems.net, using KHNOC as the IP owner), wouldn't it be cooler to take it even further?

I was just saying to myself, it'd be sweet to colo because you could SWIP your IPs with your WHOIS info, so maybe your hosting name, would show up under colo4dallas in the whois request. However, colo is expensive if you do not have the hardware or large need for a dedicated colo, and you are much better suited to an advanced VPS (like XL, XXL, or XXX).

So would it ever be possible for knownhost to allow clients with larger address space (say 8 IPs) needs to SWIP their WHOIS info in? I know that knownhost would be wanting to keep control over their IPs, but I have seen this done for instance with softlayer, any client with 8 IPs or more gets to SWIP. I'm not saying that just because softlayer (a provider purely dedicated to self-management) does that, knownhost should.

I'm just wondering if it would ever be a possibility. The best we can do right now is change reverse PTRs, which is really cool by itself, but IP SWIP would add another advantage to knownhosts offerings for small webhosts.


Thanks for the suggestion but this is not something that we can do at this time.

That's cool, if I was suggesting it, I would've put it in the suggestions forum :p but it was really just mindless ideas.