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I need some help resolving a problem and configuring my domain. As a note: assume that I'm completely new at everything. I may sound like I know something, but I probably don't.

So my First problem: I'm getting an email almost daily titled:
[ipcheck] problems with DNS setup on host.mydomain.com
Email states :
IMPORTANT: Do not ignore this email.
The hostname (host.mydomain.com) resolves to . It should resolve to ##.###.10.151. Please be sure to correct /etc/hosts as well as the 'A' entry in zone file for the domain.

I hope you don't mind I'm generalizing the actual domain and ip address. Anyway I don't know what this email is telling me to do. I think I have to edit something, somewhere but I don't know where etc/hosts and the 'A' entry are. Are these changes done on WHM and Cpanel or are they something I have to alter with my domain name registar?

Second Problem: I'm not sure I configured my domain correctly at the start. These were the instructions sent in the initial email when my VPS was first created:
You need to create the following name servers at your registrar:
ns1.mydomain.com using IP ##.###.10.151
ns2.mydomain.com using IP ##.###.11.151

To access cPanel WHM go to:

Your first steps should be:
1) Create the two name servers at your registrar
2) Point your domain at them

I"m a little confused with these steps. My domain is managed through enom. In the domain settings, I set it to custom DNS and added the 2 name servers: ns1.mydomain.com and ns2.mydomain.com.
(by the way, it appears that when you use custom DNS, you can no longer configurate host records. Isn't the "A" entry mentioned above a host record?)

Well I got stuck on the 2nd step.
"1) Create the two name servers at your registrar" I just did this, right?
"2) Point your domain at them" How do I do this?

I didn't finish the setup and left it at that. So here were my next steps. I went into WHM, created a package, and account and with the domain mydomain.com and ip: ##.###.10.151.

So now I'm getting that email notification almost every day. What should I do?

Hello yjh and welcome to Knownhost :)

For your first problem it sounds like you may not have added an A record for your host. To do this log into WHM and go to DNS Functions. Then run Add an A Entry for your Host name.

For the nameservers the first step should have been creating them on your VPS. If you went through the configuration wizard on your first login this should already be done.

Then at your registrar it sounds like you created your namservers although you didn't say anything about entering the IP #s but I assume you did that so this step should be ok.

Then when you create your package/domain the system defaults to configuring it for your local nameservers which is the 'point your domain at them' part.

This post might help a bit too, it's in the cPanel how to forum which is a subforum of this one.

Hopefully that will get you up and running :)
How to create nameserver at registrar ?

Dear Dan ,

i also new with vps , so i really blind about the setting. i order vps throught knownhost.com also nclude with the domain : mzam.info , and on my late email its mentioned that i should to create nameserver on my registrar . can you please let me know how to create it , where i can find registrar ?

Also i did not understand what is WHM , because i check my vps did not using WHM .

You need to create the following name servers at your registrar:
using IP 2x4.xxx.2x8.6x
using IP 2x4.xxx.2x9.6x

Your first steps should be:
1) Create the two name servers at your registrar
2) Point your domain at them

Where i should create it and how ??

Please help to give me more explanation , because i'm really really blind :(

Thanks ,

Jeffry B.
Hello Jeff,

From what I understand your are having a problem figuring out how to register your nameservers with your registrar.

It looks like you have registered your domain with Knownhost when you purchased your VPS, is that correct? If so then Knownhost support should be able to assist you with the login information with whomever they use to register domains. Once you have that information you should be able to find in their help system how to register your nameservers, unfortunately I cannot give you any precise instructions since all registrars do this differently.

If you are able to get the registrar information but are still having trouble you can either let us know who the registrar is here or contact KH support again as I am sure they have experience dealing with this since they use that registrar.

Hope that at least points you in the right direction :)