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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by RFEHosting, Oct 22, 2012.

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    I wouldn't say it is impossible, however it is not something we're able to help you with.
    I am not very familiar with the entire process, AFAIK you would have to:
    1) register with ARIN.
    2) request an IP address block. You must submit a standard form explaining how exactly are you going to utilize addresses and that you indeed need as many as requested. I'm not sure if one can request a block smaller than /24
    3) if your request is approved and the range is assigned to you, it is your responsibility to make all necessary arrangements for advertising/routing addresses to your hardware.

    perhaps I missed few extra steps.
  3. RFEHosting

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    Hmm ya thats where the problem comes up.

    I do not need that many ip addresses.

    But id love to not have it show KH as my host, and all my clients host.

    Not much of a white-label system in my opinion.
  4. Dan

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    This is not a typical whois. This must be a database of webhost IP#s. The normal whois for the IP of your website shows PrivateSystems Networks which would be your 'white-label' system.
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    Ya its weird, i used to see the private systems one. but now it changed to that.
  6. KH-Jonathan

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    We do fully whitelabel, however, this is what looks like a custom database of webhosts and their IP ranges. They probably just associated privatesystems with us, so now, unfortunately search a domain that resolves to our IPs now shows KnownHost on this particular website.

    Unfortunately it's out of our control.
  7. RFEHosting

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    Ok no problem ill live with it

    thanks for looking into it.

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