IP address monitoring

Terry Frazier

New Member
What is the process for ensuring that IP addresses assigned to new VPS users are not blacklisted? Because I have been on shared hosting for years, and because I never had the foresight to buy dedicated IPs, I have occasionally been caught up in blocking problems caused by nefarious actors who shared my IP address. That's just one of many reasons I'm switching to VPS.

I know that if my actions cause trouble after I receive the address that's my problem, but does KnownHost have any policy regarding ensuring that IP addresses are clean upon issue?

- twf

We scan each IP address through multiple blacklists before deploying it again to ensure the space is clear.

Obviously some blacklists cannot be checked automatically and should an IP end up on such a list we will work with you to ensure it's promptly cleaned, but overall we work very hard to ensure our IP address space is as clean as possible.