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Michael T

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I have just moved most of my sites to KnownHost from a host I won't name because I still have a few sites to move from there and due to the difficulty they have caused me during this process I don't want to give them a reason to make things harder.

Tech support here has been the best I have ever had from a host. I had several problems during the migration that were often due to my old host or my messing things up myself. Every time I asked for help the support staff here answered quickly and accurately. They fixed a lot of things for me and explained in great detail what they were doing and how I could avoid similar problems in the future. Some of their responses were so detailed that when I printed the email it took 3 pages. So I will do a quick comparison between the old host and KnownHost from what I have experienced so far:

Old host: No phone support unless you pay extra for call back. They offer "instant" well not so instant chat support if you have a problem. Their responses usually resemble a bot and you get a different answer to the same problem every time you ask for help which usually includes sending you to a link with information that does not apply. I didn't test it but I bet if I contacted them and said my hair was on fire they would respond, "We just checked and don't see a problem at this time. Please visit"

Known Host: Submit a support ticket and receive help within 5 minutes or less. If you don't undertand how to fix the problem yourself they gladly do it for you and then provide detailed instructions should you need to do so in the future. Support staff very friendly and knowledgeable.

Old Host: File transfers difficult and at times crashed my sites. Just trying to download a .zip database file crashed my sites for several minutes at a time.

Known Host: Importing my .zip databases once I finally got them from my old host imported almost instantly with no problems.

I only have a few sites that have fully moved over from my old host due to DNS changes but the ones that have are loading fast and I have not even set up my new CDN yet.

Here is another funny note about my old host. My old host is also the registrar for my domains until I can change that too. I tried to change the DNS of my main site and it wouldn't change in the control panel. I asked for support and they told me I couldn't do that because my new name server was a vanity name server LOL. I finally found a work around on my own.

So far so great Known Host and from what I have experienced so far I get the impression that I will be a happy customer for a long time. I have some domains that have been around for a decade so that's not going to change.

If the staff that monitors this board would be so kind as to provide me with information to contact tech support management I would like to send a nice email that includes the names of support staff that worked so hard to help me during my migration.

Best regards,

Thank you very much for your review of your experience thus far. I'm very happy to hear that you're pleased and I'll make sure the whole team sees this post.

As for contacting management - the best way to do this is the request your ticket be escalated to management when opening one. I'm actually the head of the support department, so feel free to ask that it be escalated to me.

Let us know if you need anything, and happy hosting :)
I'm a very happy customer too who just signed up a few days ago! Since I've become a customer, I've hammered the support team with ticket after ticket and they consistently went above and beyond and with very quick responses too! I'll be posting up my own testimony to them very soon :)
I just wanted to echo these sentiments. I kept seeing mention of KH over on the WebHostingTalk forums. I've been on sub-par shared hosting since 2004 :eek: and since my eCommerce site is finally picking up I decided to look for another option. I was scared to death about the migration process, and since my old host doesn't use cPanel I was pretty sure that the migration was going to be a mess. I am amazed by the level of support given by KH -- sure there were hiccups along the way but most of them were either the fault of my old hosting or me not saving database files correctly (i.e. not knowing what I'm doing).

I too, have hammered KH with support tickets but the replies are always quick and courteous and I feel really happy with my decision to make the switch. Given that this was not a stress-free endeavor they've probably got me as a customer for life :)

Hi Jen and welcome to KH! :D

Nice to see another convert not putting up with mediocre service anymore! ;)