Interworx control panel?


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Do you have any plans on offering Interworx control panel. I really like it and It would make me sign up quick for your hosting services! My clients like it as well.
Welcome welcome.

At this time I don't see us bringing in support for another control panel I'm afraid. You could always purchase a VPS without a control panel on it and load Interworx ontop of that, we will be happy to assist you as much as we can with it but as far as offering it direct I don't see that as a possibility at the moment. But I will dig into this one a bit more so I can familiarize myself with it some.

Thanks for thinking about KnownHost!~
Thanks for the response. I think it would be a great idea since Interworx is getting more popular since it's cheaper then cPanel and it's very easy to use.

I hope that you offer it soon!