Install Wordpress


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My client has requested to install Wordpress. I offered to do it, but I think he doesn't want to pay the hours and wants to be in control. I would offer him Fantistico through cpanel, but I see its not there.

I recognize its not a hard thing to install WP but I'm curious as to what you or anyone else on this board recommends. What are your suggestions - do I get KH to install WP or Fantastico, or should I tell my client that he or I need to do it from scratch?

Thanks! :cool:
Personally I install WP for my clients if they want it and then give them the password to do as they please.

If your client has SSH access he can install it himself, it sounds like he has experience doing so.
Like Jonathan said, just install Softaculous. It is very cheap any much better than Fantastico, which the latter is a piece of junk.

Thank you for your advice. I offered to just install it for him myself (its really not hard...) and he decided to do it himself.

Thanks again!