Increased Spoofing


Ever since moving my business hosting and email account to KnownHost, my email address has been used for spoofing (other people faking my email address to send spam).

I have SPF setup but the spoofing continues (slightly decreased). I would like to start moving my client sites over to KnownHost, but want to figure out how to fix this problem first.

1 -- Why would this be a problem with my KH account, and not with my previous hosting account?

2 -- What other steps can I take to fight this? I don't want me or my clients to get blacklisted!

Thanks for any advise! matt
Hi Matt,

Do you see any mentions of your VPS IPs in the headers of original spam emails? If not, then this definitely related to forged "From:" address and there isn't much you or we can do to get this resolved but to wait couple days - spammers tend to jump between domains after 2-3 days or so.