In over my head already


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* Full root access
* Ability to install any software

* Unlimited domains / FTP accounts

The above are some of the things these vps's offer, I admit Im brand new to VPS's and I really want to learn...

Id like to learn how to add other domains and setup for ftp and adding files etc, and the installation of PHP scripts etc, but Id like to do these things myself, so really can anyone point me to any links that will guide me with Webadmin and Virtuozzo Control Pannels.

Thanks, I just really want to learn.

There are a couple of ways in which one can install software:

1) Use the package management tool included with your Linux distribution, CentOS uses YUM.

2) Compile the application yourself.

Niether of which are terribly complicated, an afternoon of reading would make things much clearer. Domain names, mail servers and the like fall under DNS's territory. You'll be using BIND to do your DNS dirty work, within an afternoon you could learn enough to make it do what you want, but truly understanding what it is that you're doing will take a while. Installing PHP scripts typically consists of uploading the files, editing a configuration file and creating a database or two. Any worth while script will come with installation instructions. You can learn more about Plesk on SWsoft's website, and there are a hand full of books dedicated Webmin.

I'm still learning the ropes myself. I have been able to find everything that I need on Google, but my Safari Bookshelf subscription has been much more helpful. If you're a book person there are books that cover, well, everything these days. If you don't mind reading online or PDFs you may be interested in the Safari Bookshelf, at the moment there is a two week free trial. Anyways, hope it helps. :)
Thanks for the replies, it all looks so complicated, im scared of doing something wrong and it not working at all!

You could always try it locally first, I do with VMware Workstation and a CentOS 4.3 (Server edition.) virtual machine. You don't have to shell out $200 USD for VMware Workstation, VMware Player is free, you would just have to create or download virtual machine. If you just want to fool around with things without having to worry about breaking something you could try the CentOS 4.3 live CD (That's for i386.).