Imunify360 and CSF

Technically we use both on a lot of our configurations. Primarily because CSF has a bit more fine-grain control over port blocking and access lists.

Imunify360 is capable thou of opening/closing ports etc on it's own, but CSF is still more powerful with some of it's options and rule sets for custom configurations.
I'll be running CSF and Imunify360 together. I'm used to tweak CSF and Imunify360 is easy to run in WHM. It's a great product as it also have it's own ModSecurity (Imunify360 ModSecurity Rules For Litespeed )

I'm really glad to have added Imunify360.
For which plans is Immunify 360 available? I don't think mine has it. SSD-0 is my plan.

Imunify360 is currently only available for Cloud and Dedicated Servers at this time.
Thanks Jonathan. Thankfully (thanks to several members in this forum giving good explanations) I was able to better set up CSF. I look forward to when it becomes available for more packages, at least as a paid add-on.