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  1. Aea

    Aea New Member

    I must say, I'm quite impressed with Known Host so far. I heard a lot of great things from WHT and decided to try it out (the incredible discount paid no small role either). I'm quite impressed that on a Saturday I was able to get such prompt sales responces, and such a quick setup (little bit over an hour).

    Have great hopes this keeps up :)
  2. Erik B

    Erik B New Member

    I second this...

    I really agree with you! I'm not even set-up yet, and I still have great experience with the sales staff.
    Really hoping this continues! :D
  3. 3x WHM VPS + Growing

    The start of many...

    Here comes the start of many replies from existing customers i'm sure. I have 2 VPS with KH and I think "impressive" sums it up nicely.

    Always prompt with support calls.
    Always willings to explain things in simple terms.
    Always quick to apply tweaks and upgrades.
    Fantastic service availability.
    Great communication with customers.

    I like it :)

    Dave Holmes
    Sydney, Australia
  4. BAlGaInTl

    BAlGaInTl New Member

    x 2

    I couldn't agree more. I'm extremely satisfied at this point.
  5. computervitals

    computervitals New Member

    I'm gonna have to jump on this one as well.

    Very helpfull with support, even with some of my braindead questions;)
  6. Jeren

    Jeren Time Lord

    I've not called them yet. I should, just to keep them entertained one day. ;)

    Anyways, kind folks all around.
  7. dreamwalker

    dreamwalker New Member

    They are nice and helpful. But I still miss my old hosting. I used to get yelled by him when I sent a message and asked why the service is down. I miss those days. right now, 100% uptime, very fast servers (benchmarks compare and even beat many dedicated servers I have compared), helpful and kind company staff. I mean look at this :

    me: Posted On: May/05/2007 11:30 PM
    Support: Posted On: May/05/2007 11:37 PM

    7 minutes? Where is the wait time of 24 hours for a reply or even 48 hours? I really miss my old host.

    (In my opinion, they might be a new company, but they do business as some of the older companies -if not all- should learn some lessons from KnownHost.)
  8. Bryan

    Bryan Very Happy KH VPS User

    100% uptime...

    Aside from a very small amount of routing problems with the CA datacenter (only resulted in a couple minutes of availability problems only at certain locations), mine has been running for 92 days, and over 87 days before that. If I didn't have to make that reboot for some configuration changes, tomorrow, I'd have 100% uptime for 180 days straight!!

    Now that's impressive!

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