importing IMAP mailboxes with doveadm sync

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    i was wondering if anyone has experience with importing IMAP mailboxes with doveadm sync...

    Basically, i need to bring a new client's current gmail (enterprise G Suite) mailboxes into a new account on my VPS..
    there are a dozen boxes, not are under 2GB in size, though one is about 5.1GB

    i have 2 concerns:
    1 - it seems doveadm sync works over ssh, which i very much doubt Google allows...
    2 - i'm afraid that the >2GB boxes will place a huge sustained performance impact on my VPS, and i'll get in big trouble with my pals here at KH...

    Please, if anyone has any thoughts, i'm all ears -- oh, and i'd rather avoid having to use imapsync if at all possible (i have my reasons)...

    Thank you All!

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