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I was wondering if ImageMagick or GD is installed on the VPS servers by default, or do I still need to install it? Either of these programs is required by my site's gallery to run.


This depends on the control panel software you want to use inside your VPS. Image Magic is not installed by default but can be easily added. As for GD it is enabled in Plesk VPS and Webmin VPS by default, with cPanel VPS it can be added in just a couple of clicks in the control panel.

Thanks for the info!

Could you give me some brief instructions on how the installation process is done for ImageMagick?
Just noticed that this thread is in the Plesk VPS forum ;) so, all that needs to be done to install ImageMagick in Plesk VPS is to run this command:

yum install ImageMagick ImageMagick-perl
Thanks for the quick response!

I am quite new to the VPS scene, so I would like to know, where do you input this command? Is it in the Virtuozzo control panel?
Also, you may submit a ticket to our support team and we'll be happy to assist you with ImageMagick installation in your VPS.