I'm curious, how much has cPanel's price increase affected it's user base...

Which Platform do you now use?

  • I switched from cPanel to DirectAdmin, but I now regret it; I want to switch back to cPanel.

  • I switched from cPanel to DirectAdmin, and I'm glad I switched; DirectAdmin is better.

  • I decided to eat the extra cost and still use cPanel.

  • I've been using DirectAdmin from the start. I never bothered with cPanel.

  • Other

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...at KnownHost anyway. I decided to stick with cPanel, at least for now. Until I have the time to invest in checking out DirectAdmin. I didn't want to make any drastic changes until I'm sure everything will go smoothly.
I will not quit cPanel. Maybe add DA server/VPS but never walk away from cPanel.

The price hike was so small that it was not even a question I asked myself if I needed to switch to DA.

I’m always happy with cPanel even if it’s a bit costly only once you add CloudLinux, Imunify360 and LiteSpeed on top of it.

Still happy here :)


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I did move to DA i just did not like it so i switched back, been using cpanel a long time.


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Only 5 Votes :( all for sticking with cPanel.
Is no one willing to admit switching to DA? :p
I wouldn't exactly call the pole representative of what we've seen.

If I had to gander rough figures, I'd say we've seen 8-10% of all previously-cPanel people make the switch to DA so far, with more and more moving every day. Of those that have moved, I'd say 5-10% of them decide they don't like it and move back. 90+% of the people who have made the move are satisfied with DirectAdmin.

The people with few accounts are generally very happy. People with tons of cPanel accounts and tons of users used to cPanel seem to be the ones less open to the change.


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That's a lot less than I thought. Thanks for the info!
That's still a big chunk! More people are moving every day so the number is constantly rising, that's just where things stand so far. We can only migrate people so fast ya know ;)


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It was total chump change for the license increase. People moving for that are out of their minds!
Most people are doing it on principle. cPanel is price gouging and we're absorbing a lot of it to keep things reasonable for customers....that doesn't mean we're happy with cPanel or what they did, and our official recommendation for a panel is now DirectAdmin.