IE Shows old website on multiple PCs


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I have a website and for some reason the website shows an old version in IE. Firefox and chrome both show the correct version but IE shows the old one.

I've refreshed the cache, flushed dns and tried on multiple PCs on multiple networks but all show the old version.

Is this something I need to ask knownhost to refresh their cache on?
Hello Godrockzzz,

Knownhost does not cache sites as far as I know. You say you refreshed the cache, does that mean you emptied it out by going into the IE options? That's really the only thing I can see it being is a cache issue.
Yes, I cleared IE's cache and cookies as well as ran ipconfig /flushdns and no luck.

Could it be with godaddy (domain registrar)? Maybe I should change the nameservers back and forth.
No this wouldn't have anything to do with DNS or the registrar.

Any time a page is accessed it should pull it right off of your server. Only time this would not happen would be if it were the same page being accessed and that client had already accessed it with that same browser and the browser did not detect the page change. But obviously that is not what you are seeing.

Hopefully we will hear from someone that has seen this because I have no idea why it would be happening. You could PM me with the address and I could take a look too if you'd like.
Hi Godrockzzz,

I just tried in FF and IE and both of the pages look the same to me. Both show the latest post as being from 8/10. I don't know if there's something else I can look at to confirm but they look the same.

Is this a newly transferred domain or something? If so then we could be seeing DNS servers not being updated. Just in the time since your initial post though I should think that they would be.

Are you still seeing differences on your side?
Are you using WordPress? And do you have a caching plugin with it? I had this happen to me when I moved my site over to KnownHost, and neglected to turn off and clear out WP-Super Cache pages before it went. Or to be more precise, I didn't know that I should.

What happened was very similar, except it was on separate pcs, not separate browsers. on one at work I saw the old (from when I moved) page, and on my home pcs I saw the new.

Could this be what is happening?