I wish you guys had a better website design.

Abdullah Hasan

New Member
I run a web design studio in KSA, and i'm very sad to say that your website design is painful to use and see.

Is there any future updates?

My suggestions include:
1- Single Profile for forum, User Dashboard, etc..
2- Focus on Typography, no excess use of images or icons.
3- Use Ajax-driven sites. Maybe recreate your CRM with a framework such as Laravel and use Angular or Backbone as a front-end.
4- Single Page contains all the neccary information in Widget like formation, A Single Dashboard to do pretty much everything.
5- Have a fully functional running Demo VPS for consumers to use prior to purchasing in KnownHost.
6- Provide more explanation regarding Domains, Backups, SSL, etc.. The features that come with your VPS packages.

Side Note:
I love how Site5.com looks, but KnownHost has received better reviews in my search so i choose it in hopes i also have a good review to write.
@Abdullah Hasan

Thanks for your valued feedback. Let me touch on a few points here in response to your points:
  1. I can't really speak for the forum profile at this time, but everything else will be integrated in the future. Things are rolling behind the scenes to revamp our entire client/support area as we're well aware that it's certainly lacking by today's standards. The forum profile may or may not get intertwined into this.
  2. Our website is very rich with text content nor do we feel there's an overuse of images or icons.
  3. The back-end I mentioned in point 1 will get significant improvements in this area.
  4. See point 1 again.
  5. This likely will not happen. This would be an abuse nightmare. I don't know of a single provider who does this - and each control panel has respective demos available so a "VPS demo" wouldn't accomplish much.
  6. We'll certainly use this feedback to improve the descriptions and information available prior to purchase.
Again, thanks for your feedback and welcome to the KnownHost family!
Thanks, I hope i have a good experience, because i have too many bad ones with other hosting providers.

You can easily find a good php XenForo integration class. It really bums out your users they have to create 2 accounts, 1 for your main site and 1 for your forum.

All the best.
Yep I've worked with XenForo integrations before and it's not too bad. The aforementioned upgrades to the back-end must be completed first and then we'll look at potentially integrating forum accounts.
Just another testament to the fact that appearance isn't everything.
In all honesty (and I know it will happen) I will be pretty bummed when KnownHost looks better than my site. :p

But.. I too do plenty of design etc.. you ever need a hand I will gladly help out.. free of charge.. we'll just call it loyalty work.

Oh.. and as per forum.. I am using joomla atomic template simplified to only running SI's easydiscuss component. Have the two bridged and seems to be a stellar result.. not to mention it's a bit more modern than most forums. Guess it isn't everyone's cup of tea... but using a more "Ask" based forum for discussion seems logical as per host use.