i need information about managed vps


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i need vps managed server VPS-2 i can pay yearly . can i get discount if i pay yearly ?
but issue is u will get dmca complaints sometime .. i want to know when u get dmca complaints u directly shutdown websites or u give some time to remove that stuff .. i never upload any stuff on my server .. i always upload on third party websites like mediafire .. i only share links on my website . i run vbulletin forum same as xenforo ..

Thanks for considering our hosting. I am sorry to say however, that if you plan to receive a large amount of DMCA takedown requests we would not be the host for you. Regardless of if you upload the items directly, or upload them to a third party service you, and thus your webhost, can still be held legally liable.

You might want to review this for more information on linking to copyrighted materials:

We have a repeat infringer policy, and thus if you constantly receive DMCA take down requests then it can be assumed you are intentionally violating someones copyright and we would have to remove you or your site from our network.

Thanks for thinking of us and if you have websites that do not generate DMCA's we would be glad to host them, but if it's a website that encourages violation of someones copyright then that would violate our own TOS/AUP and would not be allowed to be hosted here.