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Hey, I've got some questions...
1. If i'm getting DDOSed/DOSed is there any page/program that could show the "logs", or something where I can see the DDOSer's IP adress and so on?
2. How to get rid of DDoS? How to block it or something?
3. What else could I do if proxy,DDoS protection programs doesn't work?
Except calling my provider.

Another questions I have they aren't about network but still..

1. Is it possible that somebody can see what I am doing on my computer without keylogging me?

2. If no, how could have someone keylogged if I didn't click any page from the person, any link, didn't watch a video or so?

3. What can I do if he indeed see what I am doing on my computer?

Please help me. Thank you a lot.
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Thanks for your interest in KnownHost. I'm going to answer each of your questions below.

1. Apache Domlogs are the best bet - though if it's a true DDoS having their IP isn't going to do you much good. If it's a non-distributed attack then their IP can easily be blocked via CSF.
2. DDoS protected hosting it's a specialized, generally expensive hosting. Cloudflare can also help if you set it up properly - and it's free!
3. Cloudflare does a pretty good job.

1. I'm not sure what you mean - like remotely view your screen? Window's RDP or Teamviewer both come to mind here.
2. Sometimes you can get infected with malware by clicking something that you don't even remember clicking, or that was really very well hidden in what appeared be a a legitimate link. The possibilities are endless.
3. Definitely scan it with the available scanners to attempt to clean it up. If you're infected with keyloggers and stuff I'd generally just go ahead and reload the OS to make sure I nuked it out.