I have a new VPS account, but how do I log in to cPanel? I'm not looking for WHM.

Neal Fordham

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Hello everyone,

I've purchased the VPS2 option, and I've set up my nameservers hosting with my domain registrar and have the website pointing to the correct 2 nameservers.

Along with the welcome email, came this:

To access cPanel WHM go to:
Username: root
Password: XXXXXXX

I have given this to my coder and he is asking me how do I login to cPanel. Not WHM, but cPanel?

Any help?
Hello peter,

In this forum there is a subform called cPanel Howtos and tutorials. In there you will find a post that might help you. You might find one in there that will help with your domain creation problem too although it sounds like there may be something going on there that it won't directly address.

Although if you migrated your sites using cPanel backups you wouldn't need to create the domains/accounts, install WP, or set up databases as that creates them automatically.
If you migrated your sites using cPanel backups this should get you started.
In your WHM on the left menu find "Account Information" click it, in the center window find " List Accounts" click it you should now see a list of your accounts/domains just to the right of the account/domains you will see the cPanel icon click the one next to the account/domain you want to work with.

Or you can login the account/domain cPanel directly using https://DOMAIN NAME/cpanel don't worry about the "Connection is Untrusted" just add as a exception.
Knownhost tech support was able to get things working for me. Apparently my wordpress sites could not write to the server because of restricted FTP permissions- which was solved by switching my PHP handler to suPHP (whatever that means). To the people at knownhost tech support, thanks for saving me on that one.