I am sending support ticket but no autorespond


Strange I sent 2 support ticket but I did not receive any autorespond

Is there any thing wrong with your kayako?
Nothing wrong on our end. Did you login to support.knownhost.com or billing.knownhost.com to look at the ticket? If you use email to submit tickets and rely on that for replies and don't get something then it must be your email. The ticket should definitely be in the support portal for tracking, updating, etc as long as you open it from your primary email address.

I dug some more and I see you tend to open tickets from multiple email addresses. For my above post to be correct you must open tickets from your primary email address to see them at the support portal.

If you are using an email address and simply receiving no auto replies then then that email address must be having issues. If the email just isn't getting emails and it's hosted in a VPS with us open a ticket with us from your gmail and ask for assistance with it. Hope this helps.

thanks it seems your kayako is different with mine I can't find the lost password location.
any way It is about the new vps that I orderd , Can you please follow up with it
I know it is weekend and when I sent my ticket for immigration I mentioned that you should take your time, I wish you had moved it on monday but you guys are quick:)
Thanks all have moved but I have a problem and my kayako is not loading
can you please follow up with my ticket #41878

hate to send ticket on weekends and I myself want to get away from computer and rest but things have moved already and nothing is working and people can't contact
Also decided that the mod security be disabled.
You posted a ticket reply at 6:23am EST and we replied at 6:43am EST. This is to your email (not primary on file). I will reply to that ticket and add your gmail account to it then you can discuss things with Support. From the looks of it your going thru DNS propogation which may explain the emails not showing up. I am not a Support guy so can't say for sure of course.