I am not able to send email to hotmail address


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None of my domains can send email to hotmail. Even when hotmail address sends email to to me, I can't reply it back. It doesn't even go to spam folder nor sent back. Hotmail totally ignores it and send to black hole I think.

When I contacted hotmail about this issue, they did nothing other than giving me their SenderID web pages' URL. I looked there and everything looks fine. But still I can't send email to hotmail. I even put 1 of the web pages on 2. IP, just in case if IP was blacklisted, which didn't do any good either.


- None of my domains (on 2 IPs) can send email to hotmail. But they can receive email from everywhere, including hotmail. Also they can send email to everywhere other than hotmail.
- I have SPF records for each domain. (tried SenderID wizard for different SPF records, too)
- Exim seems fine, doesn't return email back nor gives an error.
- I have reverse IP records, too.
- Neither web mail nor PHP's mail function works to send email to hotmail, otherwise they work perfect.
- Some of these domains sent mail to hotmail before, when they were hosted somewhere else.

Neither hotmail nor DirectAdmin people could say anything about it. Any ideas?

You can google this and see tons of complaints regarding Hotmail's new filtering system. Emails are dropped for thousands and thousands of people for no reason. It should clear itself up but from reading into it you get canned emails from hotmail so it is quite irritating. We recently stopped allowing hotmail users to order from us as the inconsistency of hotmail isn't worth risking our customers not getting our emails. It might be worth checking with our support guys to make sure things are setup fine but it sounds like a hotmail filtering issue which only they can fix. We have no problem giving you different IP's but that isn't the problem.


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Hey Joel,
I already had support tickets about this, but they couldn't really do anything either. Because problems seems to be on hotmail's side.

Different IP shouldn't make difference, because I checked IPs with every blacklist I could find for a couple hours. It seems perfectly clean.

I guess the only thing to do is, hiring 1 of Microsoft's partners for help (as Hotmail support suggested heh). That ain't happening :)

Thanks for the reply
Hey i had the same problem for months,
and as my site depends on members to sign up and activate their membership threw email (that they weren't getting)

Make sure you have a SPF records and MX record for mail, the support guys can do this for you,

Then when you have them join the microsoft Sender ID program!
This sort of resolved the issue , mails somtimes go to junk folder but hey its better than my hotmail users not receiving the mail at all!
Is this a cPanel only issue?

I havent had any issues with DirectAdmin and google apps. There was a checkbox that I disabled for handling mail with the server.

I can send email using PHP, IMAP, or POP3 from any of my domains and it arrives properly at gmail.