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  1. mixart

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    At some point I'll probably be upgrading to a Hybrid, but I'm also looking and comparing Dedicated Servers.

    I know this is a broad question, but share your reasons why you would choose a KnownHost Hybrid vs. a Dedicated server (or why you wouldn't). From my (brief) research, I can get a Dedicated sever configured something like this for approx $160/month...

    Opteron 180
    1GB DDR
    4 x 2MB Cache
    250GB SATA II
    2000GB Public Bandwidth
    Unlimited Private Band

    I think one of the main reasons I'm looking into a dedicated is that I have some CPU intensive things running on my site and like the idea of not having to share CPU.

    I heart KnownHost ;)
  2. KH-Joel

    KH-Joel KH Sales Staff Member


    I would like to add my 2 cents to this as I am one who believes in Hybrids as they do make sense for "some". First, if all you compare is spec vs. spec then sure a dedicated will look better. Also, if you need CPU of an entire server (many don't and this is one reason Hybrid's make sense) then you should get a dedicated server. In many many cases people get dedicated servers and never use the majority of the resources so Hybrid's work well for people downgrading from Dedicated's as there are thousands of thousands out there who fit this customer type. Another reason Hybrid's make sense is you don't have any downtime (maybe 1-5 minutes but should be zero soon) when upgrading from a VPS if your hosted with us and you also still get to use the VZPP (not included in dedicated servers) and you keep the same IP's. The biggest reason I see value in this is you are first using quality hardware from the processor to the HDD's which you can't say about the majority of entry level servers. The server you mentioned isn't entry level but it doesn't include the disaster recovery tools that Virtuozzo allows us to provide you as the end user. Lastly, when comparing pricing of a dedicated please also factor in the service KnownHost has been known to provide and of course the network. This is it for now but I am sure I may have something to add. Overall, we believe in Virtualization and will continue to use it as it has proven to be very reliable for us since day one.

  3. Mashahood

    Mashahood VPS Ltx User

    Add 48$/month for Cpanel License 5$ for Fantastico
    In case of Plesk $69/month for unlimited domains
    and off course you will hardly find support like knownhost's any where on the web.

    What will happen when you suddenly got allot of users and your ram exceeded the 1 GB of ram on that dedicated server.....! Hybird servers can work perfectly at that situation, a burst for 4 GB of ram!!!

    What if your Hard drive gone down, what would you do with 250 GB :) with Hybird server you would get 65 GB with Raid 10 Configuration, this will surely secure your data in being corrupted.

    as Joel said dedicated server doesn't includes Backup (you would have to pay extra money to have that), incident happens suddenly you wouldn't expect and suddenly......booooooom, I have experienced that due to my Minor mistake I lost all data (including my client's) web sites, Thanks to knownhost they recovered that.

    I personally can't afford to have any host other host due to my worst experience with some of well known hosting companies.
  4. Jleagle

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    Wow, you just convinced me to upgrade to hybrid not dedicated lol. Although my site doesnt take up much room so hopefuly i can just keep upgrading the ram :)

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