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  1. bogey9000

    bogey9000 SHADO Operative

    Hello, I am trying to alias dynamic urls for SEO. I think I can do this with htaccess but get an error with the code below.

    Alias /store/prod-info.php?id=2 /best-chardonnay-2009.php

    Is anyone familiar with setting this up? Your input is appreciated.

  2. bogey9000

    bogey9000 SHADO Operative

    It took some homework but I did get this to work by using the following:

    RewriteRule ^store/best-chardonnay-2009.php$ store/prod-info.php?id=2
    RewriteRule ^store/best-white-wines.php$ store/prod-info.php?id=2

    Yeah! Go SEO!

    It was a good exercise, learned a lot about .htacess and apache.

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