Howdy Folks

Hi Big Dan,

I'm new here as well and am looking forward to interacting with KH community.Hopefully, you guys can look over my shoulder a little while I gain some VPS experience.

Speaking of Linux, I tried many distros in my early days and finally settled on Fedora Core 5. I'm currently using F18 and have been very happy with my Fedora experience. I use LWM and MATE, which has been stable as a rock in F18. I'm not a fan of Gnome3 and its various incarnations.

Most of us at the office run F18 with KDE, and I must say I've been fairly disappointed with it really. I have horrible locking up issues with KDE over time. Right after a reboot, it's blazing fast - but after a day or two of solid online time (or even just sitting overnight) it will start lagging out. Restart X fixes it.
I *think* knock on wood that the update to KDE 4.10 a few nights ago might have resolved this though. I left my desktop running over the weekend and aside from Chrome being locked up this morning, it was running smoothly. I finally dropped Chrome this morning and installed Chromium though and from what I've heard it doesn't have near as many issues as Chrome.

At home I've finally given in to our Arch junkie (Luke) and installed it in a VM. I'm getting close to dropping Windows completely I think, I just can't bring myself to doing it. Yet.
I can't really speak to the stability of KDE in F18 but it does sound like that might be the culprit, when it comes to your lockup issues. I avoided Gnome & KDE, starting out with the LXDE spin of F18 RC04, added the MATE DE and LWM as my windows manager, and I can honestly say that is has been one of the most stable platform I've ever ran. I really pound this box on a daily basis. Sometimes, I even run MythTV in the background. :) I think I've had 2 or 3 hard locks, all when using flash in Firefox, so I really can't attribute those to Fedora. Even Compiz runs well, although it takes a few extra resources for all the eye candy.

I've found that nVidia, along with their proprietary drivers, is the best graphics solution for Fedora. If you're using Nouveau drivers, that could very well be your problems. It has been my experience that ATI/AMD video cards are often flaky, with both the proprietary and open source drivers.

I really don't have the time to futz around with a rolling release, especially the ones where I need to compile everything from source, as I go, but I suppose I do see some advantages, and a certain appeal, in doing so.