How to stop email notifications?


New Member

I don't want to receive emails every time I log on to cpanel or whm

I also don't want to receive "Cron Daemon" emails, or software update emails.

How do I turn these email notifications off?

Hi Noor,

I believe CSF is what is sending you the login emails. IF you log in from a static IP address then you can add your IP to the /etc/csf/csf.allow and the /etc/csf/csf.ignore files and that should stop the emails. Again that is ONLY if you have a static IP address. These emails are an option in CSF and they can be disabled. However the real question is are you sure you want to disable them. How secure is your password? How sure are you no one is going to hack your system and log in? That's why these emails are sent to you.

The daily emails you cannot get around. Again though these emails provide you with information about your server that will tell you if something has gone wrong.

Oh, and welcome to KH! :)