How to setup Catch-All-Domains/Wildcard subdomains

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My Question:
How do I setup Catch all domains?

Knownhost Support Team:

Catch-All Domains, commonly also referred to as wildcard subdomains, is a configuration setup in which any subdomain at your domain becomes valid. By default, only those subdomains you've created in your DNS zone, eg.,, etc., work, while any others you haven't created, eg., wouldn't work. When you enable this feature, all subdomains become valid names.

If you want to use wildcard subdomains and point them to your website make sure you have the following:

Make sure you have a wildcard DNS entry in Domain > DNS. You can add one as followed:
Set the "Record Type" dropdown to "A" and click the Add button.
In the next screen enter a * (asterisk) in the domain name field, and enter the IP address to which your subdomain needs to point.

Next, you need to create or edit the vhost.conf file for the domain (replace any instance of with your own domain name):
The file is located at /var/www/vhosts/, and may need to be created.
Open it, and add the line "ServerAlias *".
Now run the following commmand:
# /usr/local/psa/admin/bin/websrvmng -a -v

Now all you need to do is restart apache and your Catch-All domains should work. If you have any further questions, please let us know.

KnownHost support


Very handy, i recently asked the support team to do this for me, as i didnt know you had to do the cPanel part.
Jleagle - FYI, though the steps for doing this for CPanel might be very similar, this thread particularly explains what to do for Plesk(especially the part about creating the vhost file) ;)