How to reinstall cPanel/WHM?

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    I am newbie and I have got a VPS at KnownHost. I reinstalled container mistakenly which removed installation of cPanel WHM from my VPS. I want to reinstall these software. Please help me how to do it.
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    Thanks. I have already submitted a ticket to support staff and waiting for their response. I have seen in system processes and it seems that Ryan is installing it for me.
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    How to reinstall cPanel/WHM

    Can cPanel / WHM be reloaded on my server without redoing the OS? I have other scripts outside cPanel/WHM that I would like to keep in place and was hoping this could be done.
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    Hi Cizsoalo73,

    I would put a ticket in to KH support and ask them that. I am quite confident that it's not something we can do. My guess is that they would have to restore your whole VPS.

    You might try doing an update on it though if you haven't already. In SSH do /scripts/upcp --force and that will force a full update.

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