How to make my two accounts seperate

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I have two VPS here, Apparently with one account.

The problem is that if am late paying for one
the other also will go down no matter I paid for it or not.
Supposing I have 5 VPS with one account and I forget to pay for one
the other 4 will go down too.

Not sure exactly how can this happan , this is what you people told me and I am still trying to figure out how it can be possible

Any way for 6 hours I was out of business and did not know .
Did not receive any apology from knownhost so it means it is my stupid mistake.
any way I do not want to complain.

please let me know how I can get one more account.

I was the one replying to you and explained this already. This is our policy if your not a VPS Reseller or have made not made other arrangements proactively. You are not eligible to become a VPS Reseller until you have 3 VPS's so if you have 2 services (for example a VPS and a Reseller account) with us then yes if you have an invoice not paid after the 4-5 reminders we send and after the 7 days of grace period your account is at risk for temporary account suspension. If you need an extension on an invoice we always do this but we didn't hear anything from you after the notices we sent. Please keep in mind we sent several notices to you and even give 7 days past your due date to pay to avoid this. If you want to avoid this sure email billing(at) requesting to have 2 seperate account (seperate email accounts) or put a credit card on file to automate billing. As for being sorry of course we are as we don't set out to suspend customers but we also can't be held reliable for unpaid overdue invoices. We have bills too and have to abide by the policy our Management puts forth. We are always open to help our customers so I'd recommend just letting us know next time. Please email billing(at) if your interested in switching the 1 account as mentioned before. Again, sorry your account was suspended and in the future just let us know in advance if you expect to make late payments. Many thanks. I'm going to go ahead and close this thread since the question was addressed and should be handled thru a ticket not our forum.

Not open for further replies.