how to keep account unfrozen even when reached to 100% limit?


My clients usually complaint that when their email ID inbox reaches to limit, they are not able to log in till the email inbox allowed limit is raised from cPanel.
Some also complaint that once their account reaches t0 100% allowed disk space their accounts freeze blocking their access to email accounts even from where they may delete some old emails and gain some space.
Is there anyone who can guide what to do in such situation? Has anyone found some kind of typical solution to that problem?
If WHM is set up properly you customers should be being notified of mail and disc space usage take a look at your settings here:
Home » Server Configuration »Tweak Settings » Notifications
Yes I had already configured these settings earlier but the issue is not generating warnings, it is actually to allow access to that account so that they can get some burden off.
Any ideas please?
My thought was when your customer saw at minim 3 warnings that there account will be shut down they may do something about it? other than that I can be of no help.
There is a setting in WHM/cPanel to delete mail trash in accounts every preset day(s) I have never tried it and I forget where it is located you may want to look into this.

You could give the customer more disk space and start charging for every increase.
You can find the auto delete email trash function in your WHM here:
Home » Service Configuration » Mailserver Configuration
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Dear Dave,
You are right that a customer when sees such warning should take some action, but you see there are some customers who wake up from their sleep only when the damage is done.
I usually suggest them to buy more disk space or use some alternate means to save their space.
By the way, why is it not possible to log in to your email account once it has reached full?
Because if they could they would keep using it you could make there email quota equal to there web space, though I would not recommend this. Im guessing they are using IMAP? or web mail.
Did you look into using the auto trash delete function?
Yes, I did see that option and configured it to clean trash after 30 days. I think its their space they should be allowed to log in even their space is consumed so that they can free up some space and reuse.