How to install Subversion?


I'm wondering what the best way to install SVN on my cpanel VSP is. I tried doing it through the web GUI through the "RPM Package Installer" feature. It said it completed, but then I still don't seem to have svn installed after that.

I then also tried through YUM, but then I got a dependency error:
"Error: Missing Dependency: perl(URI) >= 1.17 is needed by package subversion"

I've found some links on google about where to get rpms to manually install Perl-URI but this is my first time w/ Cpanel and I'd rather not mess around with things manually if it might mess up Cpanel in some way.

I determine that by not being able to run svn and not finding svn in any of my $PATH directories.

I ended up submitting a support ticket and they installed it for me. Looks like they installed it manually (they left the source files lying around).
I hate to bring up on old thread but I have a couple questions as well....

I followed the tutorial about doing yum install mod_dav_svn subversion, it installed both after I was forced to grab an rpm of perl-URI.

Once I did that and got subversion and mod_dav_svn installed I tried editing the subversion.conf - For some reason it wasnt loading that file that I saw so I put the LoadModule directives for mod_dav_svn and authz into the /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf and upon doing httpd -t it said it couldnt find the actual module file

Now, call me dumb, but is there something im missing here? It seems to be a bit more complicated then doing then 5 or 6 things listed in the howtoforge tutorial.

Also, it appears that Apache was compiled without dav support, I know nothing abotu compiling, but whats the easiest way to recompile Apache with dav support?
I tried following various tutorials and every one of them said to do 'yum install mod_dav_svn' however doing that never actually drops the .so file anywhere that I can find, I tried looking in /usr/local/apache/modules and /etc/httpd/modules and I dont see either of the .so's there at all.

Is there something im missing with doing that yum install?

I recompiled Apache using easyapache to add dav support from the extended list of options.
I don't use yum or svn so I don't know what the installation process is like for either, but it certainly could have failed if you weren't logged in as root and didn't preface the command in that tutorial with a sudo.


So you're going to run your own SVN server? Cool, let us check it out when you get it done :D

And by the way, there is a section in that document about compiling for a server which I do believe pertains to precisely what you're speaking about.
And if you're not married to the CVS dinosaur, there's also Git, Mercurial and Bazaar--all of which build in seconds with few dependencies. I've found that Git and Bazaar in particular require nothing that isn't already on the server.
Im certainly not married to SVN, its just what I use at my 9-5 so im familiar with it.

Im just looking for a real basic way to keep track of my files and be able to check them in and out without having to use FTP.
Subversion will certainly work for that, but there's something of an exodus underway as more and more people start to realize that the convoluted CVS model of version control wastes a lot of disk space and makes a lot of things more complicated than they really need to be. Bazaar has a Subversion plugin and Git also has tools to ease the transition for people who have existing repositories, but if you're starting out fresh you won't need to bother.