How to install SSL certificate


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Hi, I have a VPS and I want to add a SSL Certificate in an account.
I have a StartSSL certificate for the domain.
I "added" the certificate using CPanel option, but I don't know what else I have to do...
I can see the certificate is at /ssl/certs at my account.
Do I have to change the Apache configuration? Or there is a tool for doing this?


Ok, found it. I went to WHM -> Install an SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain
and copied and pasted the certs.
My mistake was I was trying to do this at the account CPanel, but it's at WHM.
Isn't a separate dedicated IP addy also needed? Seems I remember something about this when I last installed a new SSL certificate. Only done one in my past so may be out of step on this. A clairification on this would be interesting and appreciated to enlighten.