How to improve performance (litespeed vs ram upgrade)


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I was running a serie of test in some of my websites, and Google PageSpeed suggested the server response time could be a problem.

What is better to make it faster? should I think in LiteSpeed instead of Apache? or is better to add more RAM (I have 750Mb right now). Or maybe use a SDD disk?
SSD will make it faster. A RAM upgrade wouldn't help unless you're running out of RAM. Litespeed could potentially help.

Something else to look at is going to be your scripts themselves. Most of the time that's where things are slowed down the most.
ssd would help as jonathan said also running ngnix with varnish can help as well with performance also anther option to look at with lightspeed (herd good things about lightspeed)
I checked the scripts and optimized them, but Google PageSpeed was showing low response time, that's why I was thinking in an upgrade.
I was checking and the RAM it's ok, usually I have more than a 50% free, so this is not the problem. I'm not sure what PageSpeed takes in account for showin "low response time"... its very broad .
Anyway, I will check how easy is to migrate to nginx from apache.