How to generate schedule cpanel backup ?

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    How do i set a scheduled cpanel backup. That will generate a full backup of my site ? I want to be able to do this so it generates a full backup cpanel every 5 days. I will then download them from later from ftp. someone mentioned to me something about cronjobs and ssh or something.. . any instructions be highly appreciated.
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    You can configure automated backup creation by going to WHM >> Backup >> Configure Backup. If you want to create backups for some specific account(s) only, then click "Select >>" button at the bottom of the backup configuration screen and select only account(s) that needs to be backed up.


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    How to generate schedule cpanel backup

    If you want to run your own backup you have to first delete all the other backups and then click new backup.Speaking of which I see that mine has NO backups right now, think I will go ask about that.

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