How to FTP to my VPS


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So...I'm coming from Dreamhost. Sigh.

I managed to create new nameservers at my registrar. Yay!

I managed to create a new account in Cpanel, with it's own login and PW. Yay!

I want to transferring my sites from dreamhost...i guess I need to FTP them down from dreamhost and up to my knownhost VPS. Dreamhost doesn't have cPanel so I don't think I can automatically transfer them.

So how to I FTP into my VPS??? Dumb question, I know. But one step at a time , I guess.

Hi Roger,

Welcome to KnownHost! Unfortunately support does not provide migration from an unsupported panel, but lets see if we can use this thread to get your files there. Once the files and databases are on the new server support can hammer out any details such as ownership or permission issues for you and import the databases from your sql dumps. So for ftp I like to use Filezilla. It is free, and pretty easy to use. I prefer it over cPanel's web based ftp implementation. You can download it here.

Once you have it installed first read the documentation. Don't skip this step. Open Filezilla and in the top bar you will see Host, Username, Password, and Port fields with a "Quickconnect" button at the end.

1. For "Host" use your IP address, not your domain name. This will negate any possibility of DNS issues causing a problem.
2. Username will be your cPanel username. Note that root FTP logins are disabled by default, so use a cPanel account.
3. Password.............
4. Port is 21.
5. Click "Quickconnect"

That will get you logged in. At the bottom you will see two panes. One is your local filesystem. That is to say that it is the files on your desktop. Filezilla will allow you to "drag and drop" files from this pane to the "Remote site" pane to the right.

Of course if you prefer a web based client you can always use cPanel's ftp client. The documentation is here:

This is part of cPanel and will use the same login as cPanel. It allows for file uploads, file compression, changing permissions, etc. It is pretty neat. Make sure to create a dump file of your databases at your old host. If they provide you with phpmyadmin that would be an easy way of creating the dump. Make sure to create separate dumps for each database. Don't dump all of your databases into one file. Once you have the databases dumped ftp them over to the new VPS. Before support can import them you will need to do the following:

1. Log into cPanel
2. Navigate to Home >> Databases >> Mysql Databases
3. Create a NEW database.
4. Create a NEW database user.
5. Assign privileges for the database to the database user.

Make sure that you name the dump files by the same convention that you want the new databases to be named so that support knows what to import where. The cPanel documentation for mysql functions is here:

It gives step by step directions on how to do the things listed above. Once you have done these things support can import your databases for you. Make sure that you modify the config file for your site to contain the new password for your database if it is not the same password that you used at your previous host.

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Hi Mathew,
I am new also in KH, 2 days ago I take VPS-3 quarterly package, hope the performance will meet with my requirement. But i have problem for data Migration. I have 2.9 G size database at Hostgator ( old hosting ) that still active then will migrate to KH, but always fail for download the backup *.zip due to slowly connection.

Can KnownHost help me to migrate all data included database from Hostgator to KnownHost?
I will provide cpanel information for both account.


Sorry with my english