How TO create VPS backup through your VZPP


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Dear Members,

My name is Petrosa and I'm new here. I have a question "How TO create VPS backup through your VZPP"? Could anyone explain me the step to do that?

Many thanks
If you want to run your own backup you have to first delete all the other backups and then click new backup.

Speaking of which I see that mine has NO backups right now, think I will go ask about that.
Automatically created backups are not visible in the Power Panel as of today except single vz v4 server where we've started implementation of this but work is still in progress due to numerous problems in updated Power Panel software and how it handles things. Eventually this will be resolved and backups will show up on all VZ v4 servers.

As of today when you create a new backup in the Power Panel (except that single vz v4 server) the remote centralized backup storage won't be affected at all and your manually created backup will be stored on the local filesystem on the very same server where your VPS is hosted.