How to create nameservers with GoDaddy


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I just bought sometime yesterday a standard VPS plan + cpanel here at KnownHost, today contact details with my logins arrived, apparently I also needed to create a primary and secondary nameserver (ip included) for my primary domain. Had no idea how to do that, so I email knowhost, they were fast with their support and said I had to create my nameserver at my register, or in my case Godaddy. Checked their FAQ and Help, eventually found some info on how to actually create a nameserver, but the info is outdated from before their ajax interface update and can't manage to make my nameservers. In the help it states I have to hit HOSTING SUMMARY, but there isn't such a category in the whole godaddy cpanel. I've called them, but I've been put on hold, this is really crappy. Can anyone help me with a step by step guide ? Much appreciate it, thanks in advance.

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When you login to godaddy click My Account and then choose Domain Names-->Manage Domains from the menu, choose your domain from the list, you should get a window with scroll bars inside the page, scroll down and on the lower left you should see the Hosting Summary with an Add button, put the NSs and the corresponding IPs

Hope this helps you to find it :)
Yeah the box is not easy to find , when you click on your domain the box is at the bottom-left of the page, you have to scroll down with high resolution computers.
Where do I put the NS1.******

Yes I found this page but it only has places for IP's and host name (host.******.com) I need help after a week I'm starting to go bald!!!!:mad:
In the 'host summary' page (see the screenshot above) you register your nameservers (like and and use one IP for each. After that you go to the godaddy 'nameserver' page (the button in center/top of the screenshot in post#4 here) and put the nameserver (ns1 and ns2 you created in the 'host summary' page