How to create nameserver if registrar is KnownHost?


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Hi, I'm new to VPS and have set up a new domain using the "register new domain" option when I signed up with KH. I've just received an email telling me that I should "create the following name servers at your registrar". But KH is my registrar isn't it? It's they who have registered my domain name.

So I'm a bit confused. Most of the discussion on these threads concerns people who are either transferring their domain over or who have already registered the domain name with an external company.

Maybe I don't have to do anything apart from wait for the new domain name to filter out to all the domain name servers everywhere?


I followed those instructions to do the register name server thing using the values supplied to me in the email and got this:

There was an error processing your request!
Details of the error(s) are as follows:

ErrCount: 1
Err1: Root domain cannot be found.
Server: Reseller8-SJL
Done: true
BTW I'm also getting daily messages from cPanel to the effect that:

The hostname host.mydomain resolves to . It should resolve to nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn.

(and the only reason I haven't attended to that yet is that I was waiting on doing the name server thing first)
If you haven't already, open a support ticket. That is the fastest way to get help. KnownHost support is always right on the ball.

I'm sure they'll have everything working right for you right away. :) Welcome to KnownHost!