How to backup to local computer?


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Does anyone know how I can backup my server to a specified folder on my local computer's hard drive?
The entire server, or just accounts/files?

There's not a way to really backup the entire thing in a bootable format, but if you really want the whole thing you can login to SFTP using SSH login details and simply download everything.
Not quite to a local computer, but if you are interested in backing up to something like the amazon cloud, Xcloner works very well

It may also do ftp to another server. The documentation refers alot to Joomla but it will run on any php 5.2+ environment

What if I were to setup an FTP on my local computer? Would I then be able to use remote FTP option to backup to my local computer?
Hi Derek,

Are we talking about WHM/cPanel or what?

WHM/cPanel backups will copy to a remote FTP. I've never actually used it but it does have the functionality. You would want to watch your disk space though as I don't think it deletes the backups after copying them to the FTP site.

If not WHM/cPanel I'm sure you could find scripts online to do it, maybe even write one yourself.

I'm currently looking at a few applications that may do the trick. I want to use the remote FTP backup to put the backup on my local computer google drive folder. That way I'm not putting it on my actual VPS server.

As far as I know Google drive does not support FTP. Guess it would depend on the FTP server you run on your local machine as to whether or not you could configure it to use the Google drive folder but even if it didn't you could always use something to sync from the FTP folder into your Google drive folder.

Just a word of caution here, most residential ISPs don't like servers being run on their networks.
Thanks Dan,

I have a business account with my ISP, so that will not be an issue. CyberDuck looks like it could be a solution but I haven't had the time to toy around with it. I may just use RackSpace to do my backups.
Riddle me this, could I make an image backup of my current knownhost VPS and install it on RocketVPs?
Jonathan, you're not much of a salesman but I appreciate the honesty! I'm looking into rocket VPS right now, $9.99 a month for the lowest plan as a backup should be sufficient don't ya think?
That will be perfectly fine for simple backups. Disk space will be your only limiting factor.

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