How to avoid abuse report when using script on my site?


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I have a VS4 - VPS with

I have faced an abuse report KHabuse #136886 for using script on my site.

I want to avoid such problems in future and I am asking for your suggestions.

I want to use script on my site.
This script enables visitors to invite their friends to my site.

The visitor inputs their email and password and the script displays all their address book contacts.
The visitor then selects the email addresses to send invitations and invitations are sent to those email addresses.
I have also set up an unsubscribe link. If a person clicks on that link, he will never receive invitation emails from our site in future.

A sample invitation looks like this :


John invited you to visit the following web site :

WebSite title : Over 70000 eBooks and Software Instant Downloads
WebSite Address :

To block all 'Tell a Friend' emails, click below:


Please inform me how to avoid abuse reports when using using openinviter on my site.

Thank you