How much transmit bandwidth is available - and what amount is "polite" to use?


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How much outbound (transmit) bandwidth is available on a typical KnownHost VPS?

When backing up to Amazon AWS S3, what kind of cap should we put on the transmit to be a polite VPS neighbor?

I currently limit to 1 Megabyte per second via curl --limit-rate 1M

Which equals 1GB per 15 minutes.

Can I go faster?

Amazon supposedly has a receive limit near 8MB/s

I suspect most people do not rate limit their backups and you can kind of tell when all the containers are saturating the link at once early in the morning.
You can't "harm" neighbors by this as soft cap for outgoing traffic for every VPS we host is much smaller than physical capacity available.
Thanks for the reply - well that answers one question but another might be since the soft-cap doesn't appear to be published anywhere - what is the limit?

Because that means one might cripple their own ability to serve webpages if they hit their own limit during backups.
By default it is set to 10mbit/s and can be increased in 10mbit/s increments up to 100mbit/s by the support team if needed. Please note that the higher maximum outgoing speed is the higher bandwidth overage bill might be in case if you'll push a lot of data out, your system will be compromised and used to, say, run an outgoing DOS attack, etc.