How many separate websites can I have?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by TexasPrairieGal, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. OMG, I don't even know how to ask this question. Hubby "tried" to explain things but then he started talking about parked, primary, masking, forwarding and I'm clueless (either he knows even less than I do... or doesn't understand what I'm asking... or I'm even more dense about this stuff than I thought I was).

    OK... I have the SSD-2 hosting account. Eventually I want to have 3 active ecommerce websites, each will have their own unique website address (and maybe also 2 wordpress blogs). I know the SSD-2 account comes with 2 IP addresses. But are those are for the name servers or my websites? I thought it was one IP address per domain name, but I see the IP addresses are used for the name servers??? Some of the other hosting services I looked at had what they called "add on domains" for additional websites, but there was no comparison between them and KnownHost when it came to reliability and customer service. And I don't see anything like addon domains here.

    Soooooo.... to start with, can I have 3 websites on my account (or even more?)? Each with a different domain name? Do I have everything I need already? Or is there something else I need to order? I see where I can get additional IP addresses for $1/ea... is it an IP for each website?

    You can probably tell... I am uber-confused. I don't even know if I'm making any sense??? :confused:
    (And I sincerely apologize if I've made someone laugh so hard they've messed their clothes!)
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    Howdy PrairieGal ;)

    When you have a VPS you can create as many domains and cPanel accounts as you like.

    Your hubby sounds like he has found a few things, such as add-on domains or parked domains, but I would recommend accessing WHM (which is the back end manager) and creating an individual cPanel account for each website that you need.

    As of cPanel 11.38 you no longer need a dedicated IP for SSL certificates so you won't need to purchase individual IP's for each website unless you need one for special software etc.

    Here's a link to some WHM documentation about creating accounts:

    Specifically the "Create a new account" link.

    Hopefully this helped and I didn't just add some confusion to the mix :).
  3. Dan

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    Ok blowing all of my original post away now that I see Daniel's.

    That's interesting, first I have ever heard of not needing a dedicated IP for an SSL cert! Nice!
  4. Dave G

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    Can you tell us more on this as in how do we do it, how does it work, will customers see a cert warning? etc... maybe in a new thread.
  5. KH-DanielP

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    You simply add the SSL cert like you would normally within WHM and select the domain name it ties to.

    If for instance you have a wildcard * cert you would need to add it to each subdomain individually within WHM but it no longer will yell @ you saying it does not have a static IP.

    I like the new SSL system a lot better. It just "works" now rather than having a few of the old quirks.
  6. Oh man... now I have more questions (you guys know so much more than I do).

    I gather you're suggesting a separate cPanel for each website we have within the VPS??
    1. Two of my websites will be managed together from one dual back-end admin. Would that work that if I had a separate cPanel for each website? Can I have the both of them inside one cPanel???
    2. I looked at the screen for creating a new cPanel and I'm completely lost. Sorry.... :(

    Regarding the SSL certificate and only needing one:
    Say I have 3 ecommerce sites:,,
    Reading this: "You simply add the SSL cert like you would normally within WHM and select the domain name it ties to.". Doesn't that still make the SSL certificate good for only one domain name? Or are you saying that if we have a separate cPanel for each website we enter the same SSL certificate into each one of those cPanels and then associate it to the domain name in that cPanel?

    I'm really trying guys... but right now I think I need to go eat a WHOLE bunch of chocolate!!!
  7. KH-DanielP

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    No worries, questions are good ;)

    1) If your going to "share" a back end between two websites then I would keep them in a single cPanel account. To prevent from having to make custom alterations to configurations I'd recommend this.

    2) Within WHM when you click on "Create a new account" simply enter the domain name, it will auto assign a username to it. Then you'll pick a password. For the rest of the options since you're not selling this to anyone else you can just make all of the other settings unlimited.

    Once you do this you'll get an email (and a display on screen) with the new account info, with this information you can now login to cPanel to add emails etc.
    (i.e. https://your-server-ip:2083 )

    With regards to the SSL cert that is correct, its only good for the domain that you purchase it for. It is not necessary to have a separate cPanel account to put separate SSL certs on domains.

    Keep asking questions and we'll keep answering them and pointing you in the right direction, that's what these forums are for :)
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