How do you create a database?


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I don't want to bother the support folks any more since I've already asked so many foolish questions and this seems like a question that it is worth having for future people too so who knows how to create a database with CPANEL?
This is kind of a live-blog writing things as they happen:


I did do a search on creating a database with cpanel and came up with this page. It's all purty with pictures and everything:


But I don't seem to have the options that were listed in the tutorial. I'm finally breaking down and contacting support.

They just told me what I read somewhere else. Log into CPANEL and it's easy as pie! No help there.


Finally on a different forum someone else with the same problem was told they were in the wrong section. They, and I, were in WHM:

[/SIZE]Regarding mySQL... it sounds like you are trying to create databases from WHM. That's not where y want to do that. WHM is for managing the SERVER. CPanel is for managing your indiviudal accounts (creating databases, mail accounts, ftp accounts, etc).

Go to and login with the account's username/pass. Then go to the mySQL section. It's a 3 step process.

Create the database.
Create a database user.
Assign the database user to the database.

You will know all of the steps are done when you see a small perl and php example of how to connect to the mySQL server.
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Unfortunately I was never given the info to log into cPanel only WHM. I thought they were the same thing! I have a support ticket in and if I can log into cPanel that should take care of the problem. It probably stems from my complete noobishness but I'm a bit disappointed that support would tell me to log into cPanel when no one has given me the ability/info to log into cPanel.


Yes, demonstrating my noobishness knows no bounds! I read the above section more closely and see that I can't try to login to ipaddress/cpanel but rather must log in to

I blame it on the fact that I couldn't get to my domain name yet as it was brand new and was working solely with the ip address! Hopefully this chronicle of missteps will help someone else in the future.


Make sure you can see your domain name.
Log into
follow instructions from the first website listed above
We all have noobish moments :) Glad you have the situation resolved (or at least, I hope it's resolved)!

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