How do I point my domain to an account?


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I'm totally new to all this.

I have 3 domains, 2 that I want to go to the same place and one that I want to be seperate. I have a VPS plan and at the moment no domains point to it, I have to access it via it's IP address.

The domains and I want going to the same place, these are my main domains. Should I point these to the root account and if so how?

The domain I want to point to another location and have as a seperate website on my VPS server, I presume I'd create a user account for this, but again how do I point it to my hosting?

What control panel software do you have installed in your VPS? This is doable with any control panel (or without one) but actual ways to reach your target highly depend on what exact hosting management software do you use.

I have CPanel.

I intend to move my website (and, to my new VPS host asap and also intend to to host my domain shortly on here too.

My VPS hostname is, will that cause issues?

If I got you right, then you need to:
1. Create an account for your main site ( through WHM >> Account Functions >> Create a New Account;
2. Add as a parked domain to - go to WHM >> Account Information >> List Accounts, click on cPanel icon on the line, new window will open with cPanel control panel for the domain, click on Parked Domains and add to the list of parked domains. This way both domains will show the same content.
3. Add as a separate account through WHM >> Account Functions >> Create a New Account

No, your hostname won't cause any problems. If you want to change the VPS hostname to something else, feel free to submit a ticket to the support team and we'll do this for you

PS I'm going to move this thread to cPanel forum